These are some of the projects that I've worked on:


My PhD was on the RIO (Runtime Introspection and Optimization) project, which produced the DynamoRIO runtime code manipulation system through a collaboration with Hewlett-Packard.


My first project in the PhD program at MIT was Softspec, software-based speculative parallelism, in the Computer Architecture Group.


In 1998-1999 I worked for the Software Design Group in the Laboratory for Computer Science. I helped build Rivet, a flexible and modular Java virtual machine implemented in Java as a platform for design tools. In May 1999 I completed my Master's Thesis, "Systematic Testing of Multithreaded Java Programs," which won the Charles & Jennifer Johnson Thesis Award. It is available as gzipped PDF or Postscript.

Slime Mold Pattern Formation

For an MIT class project I studied slime mold pattern formation.

Visual J++

In the summer of 1997 I worked on Visual J++, Microsoft's Java development environment for Visual Studio.


In 1996-1997 I worked in the MIT Media Laboratory with the ALIVE (Artificial Life Interactive Video Environment) behavior engine.


In the summer of 1997 I worked on Microsoft FrontPage, a web authoring tool.


During the school year 1996-1997 I worked on a program, again in Inventor, to simulate an Adept One inspection robot. Here are some pictures from that program.


In the summer of 1995 I wrote a program for the Naval Undersurface Warfare Center to demonstrate a new navigation algorithm. The program was written on SGI machines in C++ using Open Inventor. Here are some screen shots of the program.